Colorful Crochet Bag and How to Sew in a Lining

colorful bagIf you saw my previous post  then you know I was working on this fun colorful bag.  I’m so happy with how it turned out. And I love the look of the cotton yarn. It doesn’t have that fuzzy woolly look associated with winter.  I made mine really large because I decide I wanted to use it for a beach bag and wanted it to be large enough to hold a blanket or towel, my book, water bottle etc.  I decided not to do the lovely shell edging or flowers that Lucy added to hers.  I wanted mine to have a more casual hippy look…Which is also why I chose a hippy style lining.

Funny, as I was going along with the pattern I quickly realized it is the same concept for making a beanie hat. You could actually make one with this pattern…just make it a lot smaller and don’t add the handles unless you like to look a little strange, HA!

Here are a few tips from my experience of making the bag and just wanted to reiterate a few that Lucy – from Attic 24 pointed out.

Tips for Colorful Crochet Bag and How to Sew in a Lining

The increase rows determine the width of the bottom of your bag. As I mentioned, I wanted a very large bag so I did 14 increase rows and 24 for the depth. You can stop increasing where ever you like depending on how big or small you want your bag…same goes for the row which create your depth.

For Canada and the USA this bag is done in double crochet and handles are done in single crochet.

Watch the distance between your handles. Make sure they are not too close together.  I placed mine at 4 ½ inches from the outer edge .They are 120 chains long.

Don’t start your rows in the same place; I switched sides with each row. That way it won’t be obvious where you stopped and added a new color and it gives you a nicer finish.

finishingWho wants to weave in all those ends? Not me!!   A great way to avoid that tedious task is to sew in a lining. In fact, if you are sewing in a lining it’s better not to weave in the ends because you will never get little bits of the yarn poking out of your project.

Sewing in a Lining

First make sure you sew your handles in before adding the lining. You want sewed side on the inside, under the lining.

Buy your fabric a bit larger than your project.  Fold the lining in half and lay your bag flat on the surface with the bottom on the edge of the folded end. Cut around  1 or 2 inches wider than your project and leave an extra  2 inches at the top.

Turn it inside out and hand stitch or machine stitch the sides together. Doesn’t matter if it is perfect or not …you won’t be able to see it.

inside lining

Place your lining in your bag inside out.  Fold over the extra fabric at the top into the bag so you have a straight clean edge showing and then pin it along the last row of your bag.


Hand sew the lining into the back loop of the last row. Your thread color should be the same as your fabric. This hides your stitches. And don’t worry that your thread is a different color than your crochet row because you are sewing in the back loop only so it won’t be visible.


Well there you have it! I think this is a fun and easy pattern. You can change the look with so many subtle differences from colors to size and details.   I think you will really enjoy making one !  🙂  

Click here for the pattern and my previous post. Colorful Crochet Bag Pattern

I’m off to the beach now ! Cheers!  🙂

beach bag


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