crochet hatI have always been somewhat of a crafting person. Back in the late eighties I painted t-shirts and made broaches and earrings out of colored plastic and embellished them with rhinestones. I sold them at one of those vending carts in the mall and didn’t do too badly. Both the T-shirt painting and jewelry were abstract art, easy to learn and I could pump them out pretty fast…unlike my recent undertaking…crochet! Talk about a challenging thing to learn; well for me anyway. I couldn’t even hold the crochet hook in my hand properly for the first few days. When I got past that fumbling frustration, my scarves were coming out crooked, my hats big enough to fit a watermelon sized head, I was missing stitches constantly because they were hard to see with the bulky yarn I purchased. And following a pattern was like reading some ancient Hebrew script. Ugh! But I was determined to at least make one scarf straight before giving up. So I forged on in spite of my learning curve, spending hours making a scarf, then ripping it out, then doing it again…until FINALLY I got it straight. Whew… I’m not a total dumb ass after all!
crochet-blanketI was so excited to have a finished product that looked respectable enough to wear that it kick started me into a crocheting craze. Over the fall and winter I made several hats and scarves for friends and family, a throw blanket, four purses, two ponchos, several doilies and a sweater. And I can’t stop now. There are a million things to make. It’s just too fun seeing something that you created come together the way you imagined it would.
Anyway, my point to all this is not to brag about my new found ability but to say … if I can do it, so can YOU! And do not let my story discourage you from trying. I can show you some tips and tricks that will get you around not having to deal with some of the frustrations I had.
crochet purse

Stay tuned for more crochet posts coming soon …You never know how good you are until you try it. 🙂


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