Cozy up with a Good Book and a Crochet Shawl this Fall


Fall is coming in a few short  months whether we like it or not and I’m already thinking of what I can make to keep family,  friends and myself all warm and cozy.

I’m currently working on a crochet shawl for my Mom.  I used the mini tutorial by  Bob Wilson on Youtube  to get started. If you have had even just a little experience with crocheting you really don’t need more of a tutorial since all you need to know is how to get it started and it just keeps growing as you add rows. 🙂

It’s all done in dc (double crochet) stitches in groups of three .  I chose Caron’s Simply Soft,  Plumb Wine and Victorian Rose yarn . I love the sheen on this yarn and it’s soooo soft.

I will be putting 2 rows of  Plumb Wine every 20 rows and finishing it with a Plumb Wine border. I might add a tie in the front with the two colors intertwined in a braid.

Boutique Yarn Red heartI was thinking of making one for myself  after with one of these Boutique Unforgettable  Yarns by Red Heart.  I absolutely love the  way the colors transition and have been wanting to make something with it for awhile.

Try out the mini  tutorial and add your style to it. Happy Crocheting. 🙂




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